IRISTAL PLUS Value Pack (50% off)-Seasonal Offer

IRISTAL PLUS Value Pack (50% off)

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Natural formula of eyebright, bilberry and marigold fortified with wolfberry and grape seed extracts that are highly effective in preventing various eye conditions and also in improving vision in the long-term.

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Millions of people’s eyes are behind prison bars, ‘locked’ by vision problem! However, they have no choice but to wear glasses or contact lenses, as this is the solution people normally adopt.

But do you know, even though glasses or contact lenses are called ‘corrective lenses’, they do not correct your vision at all! In fact, they only act as a temporary band-aid fix and in long-term, it can also cause the vision to further decline.

A study in 2002 proves that glasses cause decline in eyesight, no matter whether it is full correction or under-correction methods were being used! Therefore, glasses and contact lenses definitely are not the solutions to restore normal vision.*

So, what can you do to gain back your normal vision? Based on extensive researches around the world, there are only 3 things that you can do to attain your youthful eyesight back forever:

  1. Practice intensive eye exercises to improve the ability of the eye muscles.
  2. Adopt useful eye care tips to prevent and minimise loss of eyesight.
  3. Supplement daily diet with comprehensive eye nutrition.

Seems too difficult? Don’t worry you can obtain all of these in one single package – IRISTAL PLUS Sight Improvement Program. You can even take-off your glasses or contact lenses and restore the ability of one of your most important organ that is directly connected to your brain function.

* Undercorrection of myopia enhances rather than inhibits myopia progression. Vision Research 42 (2002) 2555–2559.
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