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New product

iNControTM contains Appethyl®, the all-natural spinach extract.

World’s FIRST cravings controller supported by 9 human clinical trials.

Won 2 awards in Sweden

  • 2013 NutrAward – Best New Ingredient
  • 2014 Golden Apple Award – Best New Food Supplement

EXP : 28's - 04/19 
          7's & 14's - 07/19

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  • iNControTM helps to reduce hunger and food cravings through the revolutionary power of Appethyl®.
  • Appethyl® is a patented, clinically-effective, all-natural spinach extract which are rich in thylakoids.
  • When taken with a meal, iNContro gut hormone called cholecystokinin (CCK). CCK is important because it signals your brain that you are full and when to stop eating.
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    Recommended iNControTM daily dose: 1 sachet (with 5g of Appethyl®).

    Safe for all ages (including children, pregnant & nursing mothers).

    Long term consumption with no known side effects.

    Mix 1 sachet with 150ml (1⁄2 cup) of water, juice or your favourite beverage and drink before meals. Mix

    well before consuming.

    An important note: Thylakoids need a certain amount of fat to function at full capability. If you are taking iNControTM, make sure the beverage or meal is not completely fat free. You can take 2 capsules of PRISTIN® fish oil or add a teaspoon of healthy oil of your choice (e.g. olive or sunflower).