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PRISTIN MOPL (Stock Clearance)

PRISTIN MOPL (Stock Clearance)

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Marine Omega-3 Phospholipids which are sourced from Herring Caviar. It is developed by Arctic Nutrition – the world’s leading premium Omega-3 phospholipids manufacturer. PRISTIN MOPL comes in unique phospholipids structure to make it both fat- and water-soluble.

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  • 60 softgels
  • 90 softgels + 10 softgels
  • 30 capsules (60% OFF)


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Phospholipids are the key building blocks of cellular membranes. Omega-3 phospholipids usually found in human breast milk and fish roe. Omega-3 phospholipids are amazing structures. They are more than 70% absorbed and are highly stable molecules. That is why they are actually incorporated straight into biological tissue in a process called bioaccretion.

PRISTIN® MOPLTM is the 3rd Generation Omega-3s that uniquely locked within a phospholipid structure. This allows it to be both fat- and water-soluble. Therefore, it becomes more stable, more easily absorbed and more readily incorporated directly into our bodies.

PRISTIN® MOPLTM delivers the same Omega-3 ratio as with as with mother’s milk at 3 : 1 DHA-to-EPA ratio.

PRISTIN® MOPL™ is cost effective with smaller daily serving size due to the high potency of the product.  It is easily digestible with a fishy burp-free phospholipids formulation.

For more info, please log on to www.pristin.com


Adults: Take 1 softgel daily after meals, or as professionally recommended


Each softgel contains 650mg Marine Omega-3 fish oil which provides:

Total omega-3 279mg
EPA 58mg
DHA 195mg
Phospholipids 195mg

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