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Nature's oldest and purest colloidal minerals with full spectrum extracted from 75 million year old Live Earth MInes of Utah, USA.

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Higher Colloids - consists more than 70 Colloidal minerals from the mines where the earth was rich and environment was pure ...

From deep in the Live Earth mines in Utah, United States, and these colloidal minerals were extracted from a 75 million-year-old pre-historic plant deposit. They came from many different types of plant life that flourished in the rich soils that were not affected by pollution.

It is believed that the deposit accumulated over a period of 250,000 - 300,000 years. These colloidal minerals are totally produced by nature. Purity of these colloidal minerals were assured as the area was enclosed by sand rock and not leached all these years.

Colloidal minerals are minerals that are most highly absorbed and used by body:
- Only small quarters are needed
- Very effective in small dosages
- Completely non-toxic

Higher Colloids contains no preservatives, flavours or colours.

Functions of Minerals:
- They are conductors of the body's electrical current which is vital for all body functions.
- They act as catalysts and activators of most nutrients. Most vitamins cannot function in the absence of minerals.
- Minerals are building blocks of hormones and other chemicals of the body.
- The pH and pressure of body fluids are balanced with the proper and dynamic movement of minerals.
- Minerals are necessary for the proper digestion and assimilation of our foods.
- Minerals help the body keep its internal balance.
- Minerals have specific functions. Many have yet to be discovered. A leading authority on minerals, Carlson Wade, tells us that minerals have the power to rejuvenate the body, strengthen the nervous system, grow new hair, help from colour pigments, normalize heartbeat, help control blood sugar, boost immunity, provide energy, overcome fatigue, help cope with stress and aid in building a dynamic memory.
- Minerals can help protect the body from pollution by toxic (heavy) metals and other dangerous contaminants.


Take 1 to 2 tablespoons (15ml to 30ml) daily. May be taken directly or mixed in water or juice. For best results, take in the morning before meals.

Take 1 to 2 teaspoons (5ml to 10ml)

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  • By (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on  19 May 2016 (Higher Colloids) :

    Energy booster

    Higher Colloids is an energy booster and neck pain relief for me. I have a better concentration after I consume Higher Colloids and after long working hour in the office, I always have neck pain. It solves my neck pain within one minute. Great.

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