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Patented mix of glycine, L-glutamine and L-cystine with selenium as catalyst to boost the production of glutathione which is also known as the “master anti-oxidant”.

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We are constantly exposed to many toxic heavy metals that enter our bodies via our mouths, noses and skin. Heavy metals are “heavy” and “precipitate” deep inside your cells. These accumulate in the body and cripple your immune system leading to allergies such as asthma and sinus problems, immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and if left unchecked ... the biggest problems of all ... CANCERS of all types!

The body has a very limited arsenal to detoxify heavy metals. Up to now, the only way to remove heavy metals from our body is through chelation injections. However, the process of chelation therapy is time consuming and very costly. Besides, it needs to be administrated by a medical doctor.

There is now an alternative! ALTERNI’s ORACHELATE can now solve your problem! It is a protein mix powder that consist 3 amino acids called glycine, L-glutamine and L-cystine with selenium. This blend allows the body to produce optimal levels of glutathione which enables the body to detoxify efficiently.

Toxic heavy metals in your body are removed gently over a period of 30 days and it is done without disturbance to the vital metals minerals balance that is essential for the proper healthy state of the body. It is so gentle that even a pregnant or nursing mother can use!

However, first mobilization of heavy metal ions out of the body can and often do cause few knownside effects such as:

  • More coated tongue and eye discharges in the morning
  • Sweat, urine and stool that is more pungent and deeper in colour
  • Rashes, allergies and itchiness of the skin or pimples breakouts

These side effects are indications of toxic heavy metals are being removed from your body and it could vary from one individual to another. If it does happen, don’t be alarmed. It is normal detoxification symptoms that are temporary and will eventually fade away within a week.

ORACHELATE is sugar free. The sweet aftertaste is due to the amino acid called glycine and it has completely NO effects on your blood sugar level.

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    Recommended Dosage





    1 teaspoon

    2 times daily, before meals


    (Above 12 years old)

    ½ teaspoon



    L-cystine with selenium


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