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Hydro D world 1st Water Soluble Vitamin D (50ml)
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Product info:
HydroD is a US patent-pending formula by patent holders, Dato'Dr Rajen, Dr.Swanand Malode & Roscoe Moore.

- Enhance Immune System (Significantly reduce risk of viral upper respiratory tract infection)
- Bone Health (Assists skeletal structure and muscle functions)
- Calcium Helper (Optimizes absorption of minerals including calcium)
- Learning & Memory (Prevents brain and memory decline)
- Health Protection (Support cardiovascular health)
- Type-2 Diabetes (To regulate blood sugar levels)
- Hormonal Balance (Boosts natural energy and cognition)
- Improve Maternal & Foetal (Bone health in pregnant women)

Suitable for:

- All ages and is diabetic friendly.

️Dosage based on age:
*Safe for everyone at any age, Including Pregnant and Nursing mothers, babies, elderly and children.

*****400 IU (20drops)