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Har-ONE Krim Haruan

Har-ONE Krim Haruan

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Haruan cream with pure extracts of the haruan fish for the healing of internal and external wounds, to ease pain and to reduce scarring.

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  • 40 g


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Our Haruan Cream contains pure extracts of the haruan or snakehead fish. Haruan is traditionally used to speed the healing of internal and external wounds, to ease pain and to reduce scarring. Today, the latest research at University Sains Malaysia (USM) has shown that applying a cream containing pure haruan extracts increases the tensile strength of the skin, and therefore speeds wound healing by up to 30%.

The Haruan Cream advantage
Helps heal burns and cuts
Helps reduce or eliminate pimples
Helps prevent rashes and eczema

How Haruan Cream works
The Haruan fish is rich in 14 different amino acids and glysin that help your body form the collagen and other proteins that are needed for healing and tissue repair. The fish also contains aracidonic acid which helps the growth of new skin cells. Due to the excellent healing properties of the fish, Haruan cream has been proven to be particularly effective in promoting the healing of postoperative wounds and in reducing wound scars because it allows the healing factors to be concentrated at the wounded area. Haruan cream also helps heal cuts, burns and scalds, and helps eliminate pimples and improves the skin texture. This wonder cream is also effective in preventing and treating eczema and other skin irritations.

Make Haruan Cream a part of your life
To be applied externally to the affected area, as often as required.

Because of the natural properties of Haruan Cream there are no side effects.

Active Ingredients
Channa striatus (Haruan Fish) 8 gm
Liquid Paraffin 19.2 gm
Certrimide 0.32 gm
Cetostearyl 0.8 gm
Water 11.68 gm
100% natural. No preservatives and artificial colours.

Physical Description
A white cream in a vertical tube

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