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The 1st standardised neem extract tablet. BITREEN contains 100mg of neem extract that is traditionally used for blood purification and detoxification.

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In modern living, we are exposed to toxic chemicals and pollutants.

Revising the popular saying that “You are what you eat” or “You are what you think”, some nutritionists say, “You are what you don’t eliminate”.  When your body holds onto unhealthy residues, it cannot operate at peak efficiency.

Neem is a natural bitter herb which enhances  the liver to work more efficiently in cleansing and purifying the blood. Neem has been used for more than 4,000 years as a blood purifier in Ayurvedic Science.

Start your annual detox programme with BITREEN – the first and only standardised neem extract in Malaysia. It helps to cleanse our system gently and naturally from within and enhance our liver to work better. BITREEN changes fat-soluble toxins to water soluble to make them harmlessly passed through the kidney and eliminated from our body through urine, sweat, eye discharge, coated tongue.

BITREEN is developed with the world’s oldest and largest ayurveda company – Dabur India Ltd.

For more info, please log on to www.bitreen.com


Dosage: Adult : Take 1 capsule three times a day after food or as necessary.


Ingredient: Each 460 mg capsule contains 100 mg of Azadirachta indica leaf extract.

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