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Marine Omega-3 Phospholipids which are sourced from Herring Caviar. It is developed by Arctic Nutrition – the world’s leading premium Omega-3 phospholipids manufacturer. PRISTIN MOPL comes in unique phospholipids structure to make it both fat- and water-soluble.

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Phospholipids are the key building blocks of cellular membranes. Omega-3 phospholipids usually found in human breast milk and fish roe. Omega-3 phospholipids are amazing structures. They are more than 70% absorbed and are highly stable molecules. That is why they are actually incorporated straight into biological tissue in a process called bioaccretion.

PRISTIN® MOPLTM is the 3rd Generation Omega-3s that uniquely locked within a phospholipid structure. This allows it to be both fat- and water-soluble. Therefore, it becomes more stable, more easily absorbed and more readily incorporated directly into our bodies.

PRISTIN® MOPLTM delivers the same Omega-3 ratio as with as with mother’s milk at 3 : 1 DHA-to-EPA ratio.

PRISTIN® MOPL™ is cost effective with smaller daily serving size due to the high potency of the product.  It is easily digestible with a fishy burp-free phospholipids formulation.

For more info, please log on to www.pristin.com


Adults: Take 1 softgel daily after meals, or as professionally recommended


Each softgel contains 650mg Marine Omega-3 fish oil which provides:

Total omega-3 279mg
EPA 58mg
DHA 195mg
Phospholipids 195mg

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  • By (Georgetown, Malaysia) on 04 June 2018 (PRISTIN MOPL) :
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    By (Subang Jaya, Malaysia) on 10 June 2016 (PRISTIN MOPL) :

    Eczema and alertness

    Since I am taking Pristin Fish Oil for many years my friendly pharmacist in Subang Jaya recommended me this product. I decided to give it a try. Initially I take 2 capsules a day and in a few short days, I find my mild but persistence eczema improves and over a week or two it’s gone. I also find that my eyes are less tired from working in front of the computer for a good 8 hours a day. On top of that I have more energy and less tired throughout the day. After a couple of months, I now take one capsule of MOPL and 2 capsules of Pristin.

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    By (Batu Caves, Malaysia) on 20 May 2016 (PRISTIN MOPL) :

    Expensive, but miraculously works for atopic eczema!

    My brother has always being bother by severe condition of atopic eczema, to the extend of taking steroid to control its allergy-trigger skin conditions.
    Despite trying all methods, his skin just flared up as it likes, especially stayed under hot & humid condition.
    With my advice he started to take MOPL in high dosage daily. Initially the results were not exciting, as there seems to be no improvement. At the third week of taking MOPL, he delightfully informed me that his rashes and eczema has gotten a lot better. Now at week 7, his skin has been in the best condition he hasn't seen for years.

    If there is more promotions for MOPL would be a great news to me!

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