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Natural formulation of Bioactive Collagen Peptides from Germany and Calcium-Rich Milk Minerals from U.S.A to regenerate cartilage and improve bone density.

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Osteoarthritis is a chronic condition in which the cartilage, a protective material that cushions the joints at the ends of your bones, wears out and breaks down. This causes the bones to rub directly against each other, causing inflammation and pain.


The usual first-line therapy by modern medicine such as analgesics and painkillers only provides symptomatic relieve for osteoarthritis and doesn’t address the root cause. Furthermore, it can cause the following side effects in the long run:

• Permanent liver & kidney failure
• Gastrointestinal bleeding (stomach and gut)
• Increased risk of heart attack and stroke

BONEX GOLD is a full bone formula with a unique combination of collagen hydrolysate and Calcium-Rich Milk Minerals. In fact, it is a combination of BONEX and MOO. BONEX GOLD can be used to prevent joint and bone degenerative diseases, and also treat osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.

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  • By (Georgetown, Malaysia) on 04 June 2018 (BONEX GOLD with Vit D) :
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    By (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on 03 June 2016 (BONEX GOLD with Vit D) :

    Good for joint pain

    Bought for my mom and she told me her knee joint pains are gone after taking Bonex for a month. Her bone density has increased as well. Will buy for her again.

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    By (Subang Jaya, Malaysia) on 02 June 2016 (BONEX GOLD with Vit D) :

    Knee pain

    I have a family history of knee pain. Both my mum and elder sister already had Total Knee Replacement done. I have knee pain when I carry heavy shopping and up the stairs. I used to take Glucosamine but I can still feel the pain but since I started taking Bonex for a few months now and it seem to have helped. I will only get some pain when I do excessive exercise and walking.

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    By (Petaling Jaya, Malaysia) on 19 May 2016 (BONEX GOLD with Vit D) :

    Cracking sound from knee

    Aunt used to have difficulties going up stairs as there would be cracking sound and pain. Ever since recommending to her, shes been a loyal customer and stopped taking glucosamine.

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    BONEX GOLD was developed using patented German technology that reduces the size of its collagen hydrolysate molecules for excellent water-solubility and absorption.

    The collagen hydrolysate contained in BONEX GOLD consists of 19 different amino acids similar to that found in your joint cartilage. This act as a joint lubricant, and to ensure the firmness and elasticity of the cartilage.

    The milk calcium extract in BONEX GOLD is extracted through a patented ultra-filteration technology from U.S.A that removes lactose, casein and fat for higher absorption and bioavailability. It contains calcium, phosphorus and magnesium in a close ratio to that found in living bones for better bone building.

    Together, this unique formulation forms the building blocks for the formation of cartilage and bones to keep your joints and bones strong and healthy.



    • Regenerates cartilage and increases bone density
    • Prevents joint and bone degenerative diseases
    • Nourishes tissues (cartilage, bones, ligaments and skin) throughout the body
    • Relieves joint and arthritic pain
    • Increases bone density


    • Mammalian source of collagen that consist 18-20 types of amino acid, particularly glycine, proline, hydroxyproline, lysine and hydroxylysine that is important to stimulate chondrocytes for cartilage regeneration.


    • 95% of the ingested Bioactive Collagen Peptides are absorbed within 12 hours, compared to glucosamine and chondroitin that are only absorbed maximum 25% and 12% respectively.


    • Increases collagen and proteoglycan synthesis by chondrocytes as high as 2.5 times.


    • Increases cartilage thickness significantly in 6 months.


    • Increases proteoglycan density in the joint cartilage significantly after 12 months.



    BONEX GOLD comes in three natural flavours - vanilla, hazelnut and green tea.

    Pour the contents of one BONEX GOLD stick pack into a mug and add 150 ml of warm water (never use hot water).

    Stir well and enjoy your delicious drink, ideally 30 minutes before a meal.

    For best results, take one stick pack twice daily before meal for at least six months.

    For maintenance, take one stick pack preferably on daily basis.


    Each stick pack contains:

    Hydrolyzed Collagen 5.0000 g
    Milk Calcium 0.3750 g
    Phosphorus 0.1650 g
    Magnesium 0.0135 g
    Vitamin D 10.0 mcg

    Physical Description:
    Loose white powder in a sachet

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