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MOO Milk Calcium Plus Tablet 1500mg (60's x 2) + 30's
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A food-state calcium supplement comes with high absorption bone-building milk minerals extract and vitamin D for optimal bone health. MOO is known as ‘Food-State’ Calcium because it is made from our food – MILK. Using a proprietary technology, bone-building milk calcium is scientifically extracted while the casein, fat and lactose are removed. This process, along with the natural properties of MOO, makes it easy to absorb, and increases its bioavailability. MOO delivers an excellent balance of calcium and other essential minerals together with Vitamin D for optimizing bone health.
- Improves bone mass density
- Helps in muscle cramps
- Strengthens bones
- Prevention of osteopenia/osteoporosis
Suitable for:
- Everyone
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MOO Milk Calcium Plus Tablet 1500mg (60's x 2 + 30's)