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Contains Emulin, a patented blend of natural plant flavanoids, that protects the body from the ill effects of excess carbohydrate consumption for effective blood sugar and weight management

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Refined carbohydrates are highly processed and all their nutrients (vitamins and minerals) and fiber has been removed. This makes them easy to digest causing your blood sugar to rise quickly. As a result, your blood sugar will rise very quickly when you consume it. 

High blood sugar causes inflammation that leads to many health problems - diabetes, increased body weight and alteration in the fat content (cholesterol and triglycerides) in the blood sugar also dulls your brain causing "brain fog", mentally lethargy and drowsiness.

Dr. Ahrens (Nobel Prize nominee 2015) and his partner, Dr. Thompson identified three pytochmicals that emulated insulin, EMULIN at various key enzymatic control points and increase insulin sensitivity. These compounds have been left out in our modern day diets as we processed and refined our food.



The three actives of EMULIN work in synergy to protect the body manage the ill effects of excess consumed carbohydrates at the known and established seven various points as shown below:

  1. Complex sugar to simple sugars conversion
  2. Absorption of glucose from gut to bloodstream
  3. Glucose uptake to fat & muscle tissue
  4. Glucose Homeostasis
  5. Fat tissue growth and formation
  6. Insulin sensitivity
  7. Insulin production


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  • By (Subang Jaya, Malaysia) on  08 June 2016 (DeCARB Controller) :

    Blood sugar and weight management

    My Blood Sugar reading has been slowing creeping up to 5.9 over the last couple of years and my weight is a little more than my ideal weight. When I was introduced this product I decided to give it a try and in the first two months I lost almost 3 kg and my blood sugar reading drops to 5.2. Initially I took 2 tablet in the morning and 2 tablet in the afternoon for about 6 months then I switched to the powder once a day. My weight is stable now and so is my sugar level and I am only taking it for maintenance.

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