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Switch ON

Switch ON

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What is Switch On?

Switch-On is pure broccoli sprout powder and not broccoli extract. World’s highest yield Sulforaphane product (15mg/g).

Switch-On turns on your defensive genes (more than 200 genes) and turns off your bad genes responsible for inflammation.

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7 reasons to choose Switch On

  1. Nutraceutical-grade Broccoli sprout powder

  2. Potently activates Cellular Defences via Nrf2

  3. Hydroganically-produced using our proprietary technology

  4. Non-GMO

  5. Highest sulforaphane-yielding Broccoli Sprout powder

  6. Helps protect against ingested and inhaled toxins

  7. Non-irradiated

Benefits of Switch On

  • Switch On your defensive genes

  • Turn off bad genes responsible for inflammation

  • Activates key enzymes in liver detoxification (remove cellular waste and support liver health)

  • Highest yield of Sulforaphane (15mg/g)

  • Suitable for people with diseases such as fatty liver, diabetes and metabolic syndrome

  • Stimulate cellular antioxidant defences within the body

  • Reduce cellular oxidative damage

Difference between Switch On and other “Sulforaphane” products


As a 100% whole myrosinase-active broccoli sprout ingredient, Switch On can legitimately claim the highest known Sulforaphane yield. Independent laboratory assays show that its Sulforaphane yield is more than twice that of the nearest food-grade broccoli sprout powder and many times more than others.


A large number of broccoli sprout supplements are “extracts” in which the myrosinase enzyme has been deactivated. The resulting supplement containing only the precursor and no enzyme has NO intrinsic ability to produce Sulforaphane (the bioactive compound).


Many popular supplements like resveratrol and others are large bulky molecules which are poorly-absorbed into human cells. Their bioavailability is typically around 1% meaning that only 1% of the consumed amount appears in the blood and even less in the cells. By contrast, Sulforaphane is a small, narrow molecule which easily glides through membranes and into blood and cells. Some studies show its bioavailability to be around 80%. This makes an enormous difference in clinical response.

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