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List of products by our trusted partner Verdure Sciences, Inc

Supplier of botanical extracts through the integration of agricultural, production, and research platforms.

Verdure Sciences is a supplier of botanical extracts and powders. Their primary focus is on sourcing, developing, and producing scientifically backed botanical extracts with health promoting and supporting properties.

Verdure Sciences secures full control of all aspects of the production process, thus offering a continuous supply of high quality, consistent products.

Their commitment to quality control and their access to local farmers and producers allows them to offer new and traditional products with traceability.

Verdure Sciences is unique in that they are one of the few nutraceutical companies who invest heavily in clinical research as the true measure of efficacy on their products.

Additionally, their dedication to customer needs is second to none. Verdure Sciences proudly serve and supply customers all over the globe with botanical ingredients that are the product of this dedication.

Visit Verdure Sciences at www.vs-corp.com for more information!

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